Shelby's work focuses on the human drive to strike out into the wilderness and test the limits of the mind and body. She documents the range of emotions that athletes and adventurers experience in the natural spaces around them with a keen eye for light and composition that come from years of practice, both in the studio, and in the field. 

Shelby's images inspire a feeling of wanderlust in the average viewer, because they revolve around the idea that all humans have an instinctual desire to live in tandem with the natural world and to explore the land around them. Simply put- to crave a little adventure is just human nature, and Shelby's work aims to sate that craving, if only for a few moments. 


Shelby was formally trained in photography at Towson University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Art + Design. While studying, Shelby found herself being drawn more and more toward using artificial lighting to create a natural-looking image. She often looks for ways to incorporate added light into her images, hoping to create a visually interesting image of a subject, rather than relying on the uniqueness of the subject, alone,  to carry the image.

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